Although we use ancient hull-less grains, our patented process to release the natural goodness is the latest in innovative food processing.

No other nutritious barley product can be cooked in so little time!

Our Story

Snappy Grains quick-cooking barley is a food innovation, and the first of its kind in Canada. No other barley product can be cooked in so little time – just 10 minutes!

It all started with Progressive Foods Inc. and their passion to create a tasty, convenient and healthy barley product that transformed Canadian hull-less barley. After years of research, and a North American and European patent, Snappy Grains quick-cooking barley (in Natural and Organic products) was launched in May 2016.

Bringing this extraordinary ancient grain packed full of health nutrients to consumers, chefs and dieticians, Snappy Grains provides a way to jump over the hurdle that sometimes hinders the use of barley: its long-cooking times. Snappy Grains quick-cooking barley is ready in a snap – just ten minutes – so this healthy and versatile grain can finally get its due.

Snappy Grains is an excellent source of protein and fiber, especially the cholesterol-lowering soluble fiber, beta-glucan. The many health benefits of barley make it a multipurpose grain that’s a great alternative to rice, potatoes, pasta and other starch-rich foods.

Now, adding a greater health profile to your plate is easy with Snappy Grains quick-cooking barley. Check out great recipe ideas on our Easy Recipes page.

How does Snappy Grains barley cook so fast?

Barley, an ancient grain, has been grown for thousands of years. With hull-less barley, the inedible hull falls off during harvesting, without a significant loss of bran fiber.

Regular barley (pot or pearl barley) is highly processed. During processing, about 20-35% of the outer hull – and a large portion of the good fiber – is removed. That’s why pearl and pot barleys are rounder and whiter than the hull-less barley in Snappy Grains.

Specially-selected Canadian barley farmers grow this nutrient-rich hull-less barley for us. Through our patented process, we lightly scratch the outside of the barley hull to ready the kernels for cooking, keeping the healthy bran with the kernel. The barley is cooked in water (only) in our custom-built kettles, then dried to perfection and packaged – ready for you to cook in just 10 minutes!